VAC Signature Merchandise

The VAC now has a Online store with Lands’ End, you can now get the VAC logo on any of the thousands of items that Lands’ End sells.  If you want a VAC shirt or hat you order those through Lands’ End.

VAC Lands' End Store

This VAC flag is available directly through  They come in small or large sizes, can be single or double sided, and you can change the font and text to your liking. The flag stand is optional (you can probably find the stand locally). 

  • Select single or double sided
  • Select small or large
  • Select optional stand
  • Click “Customize It”
  • Start with front. Note “Content Inside Visible Area”. Here is where you can change your name and number. 
  • Continue on back if necessary. Here you can add your Airstream year and model if you’d like.
  • Preview
  • Add to cart

Announcement: we are selling flags, patches and stickers through May 30,2022.  Any order placed in June will not be mailed until July 1,2022.

And of course we will be bringing the items to Int Rally in Maine.  ORDER by May 29, 2022 TO HAVE YOUR SPIFFY GEAR FOR SUMMER!!!!

The Vintage Airstream Club has the following VAC logo items available for members:

  • Large VAC flag (3’x5′) for $55
  • Small VAC flag (2’x3′) for $31
  • Magnetic Logo for Tow Vehicle for $25
  • VAC official decal for $3 each, including postage
  • VAC official patch for $5 each, including postage

Shipping in the USA is free!

Questions? please email DJ at

To order online, click on item below.

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