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Historic Caravans   Caravanners and their Trailer Number (big red number)
    Europe Caravan Roster 1956
    Capetown to Cairo Caravan Roster 1959-60
    Around the World Caravan Roster 1963-64
    Around the World Caravan Map
Design and Construction:   Airstream Trailer Models and Design 1936-1993
    Airstream Trailers 1932-1957, Fred Coldwell 2005
    Airstream Trailers 1958-1968, Fred Coldwell 2005
    Airstream 1962 CA versus OH Trailers, Fred Coldwell 2009
    Airstream Factory Tour – Jackson Center OH, Fall 1970

How to read Airstream Trailer VIN/Serial Numbers 1959-1979 (This is outdated use the link below)

    Airstream VIN Numbers Pre-1980 (from
    Airstream weight specifications – 1954-2003
    Axels, Brakes and Safety Presentation June 2022 (Rod Sly)
Insurance:   Vintage Trailer Insurance – Blue Beret, May 2014
    Why An Appraisal – 2017
Towing:   1960 Reese stabilizer instructions
    1964-1965 7-way connection
    1966-1981 7-way connection
    1982-1984 7-way connection
    1985-1988 9-way connection
Trailer Manuals:   1954 Airstream Care Manual
    1958 Manual Supplement
    1965 Caravel Owners Manual
    1965 Manual Supplement
    1966 Overlander Owners Manual
Running Gear:   Henschen Dura-torque axles
    Warner brakes
    Kelsey-Hayes brakes
Systems:   Vintage Trailer Systems Presentation, Jim Cooper 2012
    MGF 1525 Furnace Service Manual
    1958 Carlson furnace
    1960 Bowen g-110 117 water heater
    Bowen hot water heater
    1960 Grover air compressor
    1966 Univolt
    Triad utrad converter
    1970s Carefree Awning Install Guide
    Pre 1984 Carefree Awning Spring Replacement
    1967 Hehr Windows/Ventilators
Appliances:   Marvel refrigerator
    1960 Dometic Klixon refrigerator
    1960 Robertshaw Lighting Instructions
Maintenance:   1958: How to clean your Airstream 
Miscellaneous:   Working Load of ropes
    Awning stabilizer kit
    E-Z AWN Brochure
    1953 Leg-o-Matic Ad
    1955 Leg-o-Matic Ad
Vintage Ads:   1937 advertisement
    1948 April Trailer Travel
    1948 August Western Trailer Life
    1948 December Trailer Travel
    1948 July Trailer Travel
    1948 July Western Trailer Life
    1948 June Trailer Travel
    1948 November Trailer Travel
    1948 September Trailer Travel
    1949 April Trailer Travel
    1949 April Western Trailer Life
    1949 February Trailer Travel
    1949 January Trailer Travel
    1949 June Trailer Travel
    1949 March Western Trailer Life
    1949 Mid Trailer Travel
    1949 Mid Western Trailer Life
    1949 October Trailer Travel
    1956 advertisement
The Caravanner:   “The Caravaner” 1962 Wally Byam Memorial Issue

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